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I hope everyone had a good Mother’s Day yesterday. Ya know I used to not make a big deal out of it…I have always been one to make it easy for everyone else…YA know don’t worry about me type of person. I hated feeling like someone may be putting themselves out for me…THEN one year I did get my feelings hurt. No one said Happy Mother’s Day, not one card, and not one kind gesture….in fact my children went to hang out with their friends that day…at that point my feelings were already hurt and I let them go.  I think it was last year. Then I realized it was my fault. I have always been the one telling them not to worry about me right??? I always make sure they are giving every where else except when it came to me. Well, my husband had a talk with them and my son brought me gifts the next day and my daughters apologized all day and that made me feel horrible 🙁 I wasn’t going to make a big deal about it. Anyway this Mother’s Day was great! My son took his daughter and let her pick me out something,which was an ice cream scooper because I love my ice cream Haha, and a card. Aubrey and Lily made something…then Kobie (my granddaughter) and Lily brought these in for me! I don’t think my kids thought I was unimportanot last year.better outfit ideas. I think they were just so used to me saying don’t worry about me 🙂 Anyway this was a good Mother’s Day!