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You’re My Cup of Tea

My 16 Year old had to come up with a Valentine Day container for one of her children’s literature class. I WAS EXCITED because my kids are 23, 16, and 12! My days of getting to help my kids with cute little projects seemed to be over so I jumped at the chance to help her! We usually do pretty good at brainstorming together (always fun)…of course it was last minute… Like mother like daughter!  Poor girl…I’ve rubbed off on her.  Anyway, we yelled out a couple of cute ideas, one being a drum (I thought that would be good too) and then writing, My Heart Beats For You.  We ended up with a tea cup.. DSC_0056~2                                                          What do you think?

I wished I would have taken pics of us working together, but I didn’t 🙁  We used an oatmeal container, brown paint with a little cream swirled in there, a tag that I had in my craft stuff, a glittery heart sticker 5 Must-Own Items of Lingerie – sexy outfit ideas, white card stock, some white twine I had purchased at Dollar Tree a while back, spray adhesive for the card stock,  copy paper, tacky glue, paint pen, and scrapbooking stickers.  We were going to paint it white, but like I said…last minute. We didn’t want to wait for it to dry, so we used white cardstock. we sprayed the cardstock with the spray adhesive and placed it around the oatmeal container.  My daughter cut the slit in the lid to slide the cards in and painted the lid. We were also going to put little flower stickers on it to make it look like a little vintage English tea cup, but I couldn’t find those so we used the love stickers. The handle was made out of the copy paper that we twisted and glued with tacky glue. betteroutfitideas. Aubrey decorated the tag. One side she wrote, You’re my cup of tea and then the other side she glued a glittery heart. I placed a dab of tacky glue on the rim where she wanted the tag and placed the string there…after it dried we put the lid on. DSC_0053 DSC_0050   On the back she thought it would look cute if it looked like it had a label…I agree