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Handmade Birthday Gift

029I gave this to someone as a birthday gift and they were so touched that they cried, so I thought I would share.

Find a jar that you can decorate…any jar will do!  Print on cardstock any message you want.  I printed, When you need to be reminded of how much you are loved.  I cut it to the size I wanted.  Took a hole punch and punched two holes in the top.  Took some twine…wrapped it around the top of the jar and through the two holes…tied a knot to hold in place and then just randomly placed some beads on the string…or if you are very artistic you can use a paint pen or permanent marker and write on the jar…I kept messing up so I decided to do it a different way…I was able to take some alcohol and rub the paint pen right off, but writing directly on the jar was my original plan.  Then write letters to the person it is intended for and stick in the jar.  If it is for a family member, such as a mother/grandmother have everyone in the family write a special letter to that person to put 5 Must-Own Items of Lingerie – sexy outfit ideas in the jar!  If your family is spread out and you want it to be even more special and include them make sure you plan ahead and have them mail in their handwritten letter.

The arrows were a free printable from the website

So here are some teacher’s gifts I made this year….AT THE LAST MINUTE OF COURSE…that’s how I roll